We now offer shipping protection to cover any shipment against theft, loss, or damage for a small one time fee. This non refundable option is displayed during checkout and is optional. If you purchased the protection plan and your package is lost, stolen, or damaged, please contact us using the form below within 7 days from the date your package was marked delivered (or 7 days from the last tracking update) for assistance. With our insurance plan, you don't have to contact a third party. We handle everything for you and then our company will work reimbursement with the insurance provider. You may be asked to submit photos of damaged items as well as the box (DO NOT THROW THE BOX AWAY!) and be asked for other pertinent information (order number, shipping address, etc). You may be asked to return a broken item. If so, a prepaid return label will be sent to you via email. You may also be asked to file a police report on stolen items for orders totaling over $50. Once the information is received, you may be sent a replacement, a replacement shade or issued a refund. If replacement options are not available, you will automatically be refunded the product price only. The refund will be issued to your original payment method. If a replacement product is sent, you may be asked to sign for it upon delivery. Please be prepared for that.  

What Is Not Considered Lost:

  • Package is available for pickup
  • Delivery was rescheduled
  • Delivery was attempted and needs to be rescheduled
  • Order is stuck in international borders/customs or on hold due to governing body regulations.

 What Is Considered Stolen:

  • Items totalling $50 or more, marked delivered but not received by you within 48 hours of the documented delivery date. 

Other Items Not Covered:

  • If the customer entered the wrong address at the time of order, this is not covered under the insurance plan. The customer needs to reach out to us ASAP to remedy the incorrect address before the item ships. 
  • While eyeshadow is in transit, there may be loose flecks of eyeshadow in the palettes, rubbed "packaging" details, small nicks or bumps that can naturally occur during motion and shipping. This is not considered damaged. 
  • If the customer is unsatisfied with their product, the customer must read all return policies prior to their purchase. 
  • Customer filed an insurance claim after 7 days from the date your package was marked delivered (or 7 days from the last tracking update).
  • Packages delivered and signed for by the recipient or someone in the household. 

    Delivered but missing package

    At our discretion, we may require a police report for any instance when your package is marked as delivered but not received by you.  

    • You must file a police report and include an explanation that the package was marked delivered but not received by you. Adept Cosmetics® requires a police report in order to process a replacement or refund.  
    • Send us the police report PDF & number with the order number.

    Upon request, we may ask for additional documentation (e.g. proof of identity, address, etc.).

    Note: Depending upon the jurisdiction, a false police report may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony

    **Order issues for packages marked "delivered" yet not received are considered as stolen and must be filed 7 days after “delivery date” but no longer than 10 days to ensure it was not misdelivered or easily found around the premises.

    By deselecting Shipping Protection at checkout, Adept Cosmetics® is not liable for lost, stolen or damaged goods.