What is EcoCart?

        • EcoCart is an optional, but simple way to donate to a great cause that helps reduce climate change all over the world. For example, it helps preserve forests, which, in turn, remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. When you contribute to EcoCart, your donation goes to the Tri-City Forest Project, which means that you help prevent conversion of forests for alternative uses, thereby protecting native lands and wildlife. Adept Cosmetics® will match your donation and our donation will go to the Water Purification Project in Khum Longvek, Cambodia which provides locally made ceramic water purifiers to over 1 million Cambodians by filtering water instead of boiling it.

You release carbon. We put it back.

One person’s annual carbon emissions are equivalent to…

We Go Above and Beyond

776 trees

absorbing CO2

Carbon Neutral Online Orders

3.7 cars

on the road


20,000 lbs

of coal burned

If that sounds like a lot — it is

Being human means releasing planet-warming emissions into the atmosphere. It happens when we take a shower, charge our phone, or let out a yawn after a long day.

EcoCart exists to empower customers to make their ecommerce orders carbon neutral, but anyone can make a difference by supporting our carefully selected carbon offset projects.

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Choose a project. Change the world.

Take a closer look at our projects and learn about the different ways they work to slow climate change

wind farm

Renewable Energy Wind Turbines

Kayseri, Turkey
Wind Energy

Generates clean energy to displace fossil fuel-based grid power. Before the introduction of wind power, the primary...

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man drinking water

Water Purification Project

Khum Longvek, Cambodia
Water Purification

Provides locally made ceramic water purifiers to over 1 million Cambodians. By filtering water instead of boiling it...

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forest image

Tri-City Forest Project

Massachusetts, USA
Forest Protection

Protects a Spruce forest in Massachusetts that captures over 100,000 metric tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide every...

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We go above and beyond

The projects we fund are carefully vetted, ethically proven, and scientifically verified according to the world’s major carbon standards…

…with over 90% of each dollar going directly to projects that are proven to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere.

World-Saving Project Categories

What we look for

Magnifying Glass


With a rigorous verification process, we scour the globe for projects that are legitimately reducing carbon pollution. We confirm the science and financials, making sure each project meets the toughest requirements of the world’s major carbon standards – including the United Nations.

Carbon Badge


By working closely with project developers, we ensure that each program is stable, sound, and capable of doing good for both people and the planet. EcoCart projects don’t just slow climate change, but also have a positive impact on local communities and animal habitats.

Eco Checkboxes


We can’t depend on the promise to do good. We need to see it in action. By carefully tracking the emissions reductions of each project and sharing that information with our customers, we give the EcoCart community greater certainty that what they see is what they get.