Carbon Checkout

  • Carbon Checkout is an optional, but simple way to donate to a great cause that helps reduce climate change all over the world. For example, Carbon Checkout helps preserve forests, which, in turn, remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. When you contribute to (REDD), Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, which your donation also supports, you help prevent conversion of forests for alternative uses, thereby protecting native lands and wildlife. 
  • You have the option, with the click of a button, on the bottom of the check out screen to give back to the environment after adding a product to the cart, by contributing less than a $1.00. There are larger or smaller contributions accessible via the drop down menu, if you choose. Your contributions are then added to the cart total and automatically collected at checkout. There are no added user registrations or requirements, just one-click to check the contribution box. You will then receive an e-mail with a verification code where all Carbon Checkout offsets are validated by the Verified Carbon Standard or the Climate Action Reserve. Learn more by visiting
  • Join Adept Cosmetics and become part of a powerful movement to reduce the effects of climate change through collective action. Our spare change does add up, making a real and measurable difference