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UPDATE: We're aware that this page needs work, but the truth is that we're boring, we're couch potatoes and our analytics tell us that maybe one person visits this page a year. Truth is, we love and have a lot of makeup and need a place to store it. We prefer a place that's magnetic. There's nothing really compelling to tell because it's just that simple. 😊Oh yeah, and we love The Flash! So much so, that it's mentioned again - yikes! 

Adept Cosmetics® is made up of a bunch of introverted, socially awkward nerds who love movies, TV, makeup and specifically, the TV show, The Flash on the CW.  That show actually inspired us to form this company. (Long story - don't ask.) We are so introverted and awkward- that there is no way our picture is going up on this website and we'll likely never be seen at IMATS or The Makeup Show, etc. Now, Comic-Con....that's a different story. (LOL.)

This company was founded in 2016 and we opened shop in February of 2017, (that's right, we're about two years old). We had our cute, powder compact in one hand and a lightsaber in the other. We had our Flash superhero ring on our forefinger, (pretending that it actually works) a men's size small Flash T-shirt on, Zatanna earrings dangling from our ears, tight jeans, and sexy red lipstick expertly applied on our lips. We also talk about naming cute cosmetic products after characters from Back to the Future one day. This tiny company is made up of a bunch of dreamy eyed total geeks. One of us is even a real rocket scientist from Cornell University.

At Adept Cosmetics, our mission is simple. Make cute products that deliver on promises, without breaking your bank account. We work hard for our money and we know that you do too. Most of all, we want you to be happyAs we work on developing new stuff, please leave us feedback so we know what to work on next.  We want to hear from you and yes, we've read every last comment you've made on The Adept Palette® and noted every pro and con from you - the customer. (Don't worry, new designs are on the way in the future. Just keep in mind our company is small and we're only about 2 years old.)

While we can't be The Flash or Zatanna, we can still try and be a real life superhero as best as we can. Adept Cosmetics gives back and recently gave a sizable donation to the Goodwill of Southern California.  (Well, sizable for a small business.) We hope that you will give back too, if you can, by participating in Carbon Checkout or by donating to The National Center for Missing or Exploited Children. You don't need to buy from us to donate (we're sure you know that already) and we're not the type of company that advertises philanthropy. (No offense to those that do - more power to them). From all of us here at Adept Cosmetics, (Err, we're a pretty small group), we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy designing and making them for you.

Talk to you later. 


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