The Adept Palette™

The Adept Palette®


  • Strong magnet so your makeup doesn't shift, larger area, and more durable case (no cardboard, wobbly tin, or stitching) than the leading competitor
  • Holds over 100 standard size, round eyeshadow pans, 45 37mm round pans, or 15 59mm round pans and more 
  • Holds over 95 Colourpop eyeshadows, which measure 26.7 mm (larger than the standard size)
  • Divider keeps makeup from mixing between sides
  • Size: Inside: 8.75 x 6.75 x 0.32 inches (on each side) | Outside: 9 x 7 x 1 inches (when closed)
  • Now patented, The Adept Palette® is also a registered trademark and all rights are reserved
  • International customers, please click here before ordering. 
  • Cosmetics not included. 

FAQ About The Adept Palette®

  • How do I clean this palette? There are streaks everywhere! We use a thin, microfiber cloth (which is included in the packing of our palette underneath the bubblewrap) and/or something called Take It For Granite which is a streak free granite cleaner that is environmentally friendly, cruelty free and best of all...doesn't streak. We then wipe the cleaner off in a "wax on, wax off" motion, with a microfiber cloth. We clean the inside - divider included, using a large powder brush to brush away any powder dust that's in the palette. For cream stains, we use a tiny bit of Take It For Granite and blot them away. Another cleaning solution that works well is Weinman granite & stone daily cleaner & polish. 
  • Can I buy the cleaner here? No... Take It For Granite is sold at Target, Amazon, etc. 
  • Why is the palette so large? It's designed to fit as much as possible in one place.
  • Why is the palette so thick? It's designed for all depotted powders, not just small eyeshadows. We designed this palette when Becca and WetnWild released their baked powders. The palette is thick enough to hold these powders and stay closed. Our favorite foundation is Cover Girl Aquasmooth. This palette is thick enough to hold that pan.
  • Why is the palette so heavy? Once you fill the palette up, it's going to be heavy. The palette is designed to firmly hold over 75 pieces of magnetic eyeshadows and powders in place without shattering. It's armor for your coveted and expensive makeup. 
  • What kind of plastic is the palette made from? To keep the price of the case low, and for environmental reasons, we use recycled plastics only. You can also recycle the case when your done using it by removing the magnet. 
  • Why doesn't my palette close? Before we can answer this, we need to find out what you have in it and then remind you to look at the inside dimensions listed on this website.  
  • Will there be other sizes? Yes! We are making a smaller size that is more travel friendly. We are also working on one with a clear top. 
  • Why isn't the magnet working? In order for the magnet to work, the makeup must be made of a magnetic, metal base. Brands that use this are MUG, Colourpop, Sugarpill, Makeup Forever, Tarte, Inglot, Smashbox, Sephora, Aveda, Stila, Sidneygraceco, Looxi Beauty, Devinah Cosmetics, Emme Cosmetics and many others. The magnet in our palette is the best on the market and is sourced from the same supplier as the larger brands that you may already know and love. 


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